Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions

  1. All photos/videos content created on Himachalcabonline.com’s trip, whether by Himachalcabonline.com’s content creators or clients, are the property of Himachalcabonline.com. The digital content can only be used by Himachalcabonline.com Experiences for advertising across media platforms. No one else can use this content without obtaining rightful permissions from Himachalcabonline.com
  2. Boarding will only be entertained upon verification of valid Govt. ID. Travelers must carry a Voter ID/Passport/Driving License for Himachal trips, as Adharcard or Pancard is not acceptable for obtaining permits in Himachal.
  3. No refunds shall be made for any inclusions not availed by the client during the trip.
  4. Travelers are responsible for their luggage and belongings. The management shall not be held responsible for any damage or missing items during the tour.
  5. Air conditioning will be switched off in Himachal Pradesh, and during the trip, the driver may put off the AC as needed for the travelers' safety and ease of travel along uneven and dangerous routes.
  6. Drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited during the tour due to health and safety concerns. The tours involve physically demanding activities, and travelers are advised to be in good shape to make the most of them.
  7. Himachalcabonline.com provides adventure experiences with inherent risks such as trekking, camping, biking, and adventure sports. Himachalcabonline.com will not be responsible for any accidents, injuries, or loss of life during the trip.
  8. Misconduct or indiscipline will not be tolerated on the tours. The aim is to create a cordial travel community and provide a hassle-free and memorable experience.
  9. Himachalcabonline.com will not be responsible for delays or alterations in the program due to natural hazards, accidents, machinery breakdown, weather conditions, landslides, political closures, or other untoward incidents.
  10. Himachalcabonline.com does not provide insurance to cover expenditures on sickness, accidents, theft, or other reasons. Travelers are advised to arrange their insurance policies.
  11. Itineraries may be altered due to factors such as weather, road conditions, physical abilities of participants, etc. The Company reserves the right to make necessary changes in the schedule for safety, comfort, and well-being.
  12. Himachalcabonline.com will not be responsible for any problems or disputes arising with the driver. In case of vehicle breakdown, Himachalcabonline.com will make efforts to provide alternatives or assistance depending on available resources.
  13. Hotels provided by Himachalcabonline.com will maintain proper hygiene standards. In case of any disputes with hotels, Himachalcabonline.com will try to provide suitable solutions on the spot.